Friday, 22 October 2010

Be the change you want to see in the world

An interesting Gandhi quote. I am going to think about it; the changes that I would really like to see in the world:
  1. Less greed; for money, food and possessions.
  2. More love; for family; for friends; for strangers.
  3. Spirituality; I don't mean join a cult or religion, but for people to be better in tune with themselves, not just what the media or others think they should be like.
  4. Eating for the soul; no more junk food, eating good nutrition to help the body run better. Better resourcing of food; farms and food from your own country; growing your own. Eating little meat and fish so we do not ruin our resources.
  5. More time; to do things we love; cook, dance, sing, write, play music, work (if that's what you truly love) spending time with loved ones. What is the point of having money and spending it on crap we don't need and leave behind (which takes up valuable space in rubbish tips) when we die?
  6. Less fear.
  7. More compassion.
  8. Taking responsibility for our actions; trying to be honest with ourselves and others.
  9. More recycling (not throwing away clothes with minor faults, buying from charity shops, re-fashioning items, not having to update kitchens every year just to stay in fashion); less manufacturing.
  10. Less use of chemicals in our day to day lives; natural body wash, shampoo, deodorant etc.
  11. Better use of natural energy sources.
  12. More positive news stories.
  13. Less of everything revolving around money and more revolving around the above and living a fulfilling life.

The next question is how can I achieve the above?

  1. I am attempting the less greed point now; I am trying not to buy too many new clothes/possessions, and if I do they are either very cheap or from charity shops; I am going to fix my old winter coats and not buy an expensive new one. I am definitely less greedy for food than what I have been in the past.
  2. I am also trying this; I have given more time to my mum and also been working and planning to work volunteering for charities; I think I could improve on this more, so am going to have a think.
  3. Spirituality; again, I am trying, this isn't exactly a new thing for me, but I am sure it will be something I learn over a life time as opposed to over night, I think part of this whole exercise is good for my soul. I have been reading a book on Buddhism too.
  4. I have always wanted to grow my own veg, but have never got round to it; even though my mum does and I eat hers!! As I am going travelling next summer I can't really start planting food for when I won't be here, but its definitely up there for the future. As for not eating junk; I do try to practise and think I do rather well at this point! I decided last night that I am going to try and be a vegetarian most of the time (unless meat is specially cooked for me in which case I will eat it).
  5. I have signed up for a singing course (10 weeks, starts next Thursday) and am spending more time reading, finding music I like and writing this blog....that all counts I think! Also the volunteering counts :).
  6. Less fear; this is a hard one; another good quote from Gandhi; "There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever". Well I don't really believe in God, so although I do not fully agree with this quote, a lot of fear is just in your mind, positive thinking should help me with this one; or my mum's mantra; "there is no such thing as fear, I have no fear".
  7. ?
  8. Honesty; its very hard to be honest with yourself; but I am trying. Honesty with others; hard also, but this is not something I can learn overnight.
  9. I don't currently manufacture anything, but if I do I am hoping it will be environmentally friendly. As I already mentioned I get things from charity shops, am going to start fixing my clothes and hopefully I will re-fashion some too (this has been on my to do list for a long time!).
  10. I did start doing this one; but seeing as I am low on funds at the moment and saving to go away I bought my washing stuff from the pound shop, I think I will either try to find some stuff that is cheaper, or buy it in bulk, or try and make my own? Other options; stop washing.
  11. I should really get a bike, and think about finding a energy company that uses natural resources. Maybe I could look into getting a grant for my mums house for solar panels.
  12. Hmmmm......write my own news column?
  13. As all above, I am trying to do this; my hardest feat at the moment is getting used to solidarity which I am getting better at, but crave other peoples attention/cuddles a lot. Hopefully this will come in time and when my self esteem improves.

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